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About L9 Detailing

About L9 Detailing

Let me just give you a little back ground about myself and the reason behind L9 Detailing and Paint Correction. I have always been interested in the preservation of the past and to see something from the past in pristine condition is most satisfying.

I got my first taste for detailing in the late 80’s when I was an Aircraft Mechanic (Crew Chef) in the United States Air Force on F-15 fighters. I always loved to have the best looking fighter on base and worked hard at making that happen. I use to make sure that every gauge and control panel look as close to new as possible.

I have always followed my dreams and passions over the years and I have come full circle wanting to restore or make things like new.

I’m now almost at retirement and looking for a new and exciting career. I have been honing in those skills of the past and paying attention to the details and getting the best outcome in any detail. I have been experimenting with the latest polishes, waxes, car soaps and coatings to get the optimum clean, shine and restoration out of any detail.

At this time I’m a part time detailer and I work about 15 days out of the month on detailing. So if you are looking for a detail by a person that has a passion for the job. You have come to the right place.

So I have come up with L9 Detailing and Paint Correction

Thank you,

Timothy Lee


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