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Maintenance Detailing

What is a maintenance detail?

Maintenance detail is for our customers looking to maintain that good-looking vehicle with solid protection and that clean-looking vehicle.


I will evaluate your vehicle and see what needs to be done to maintain its look, protection, and longevity of your vehicle.

Depending on your needs my customers book services on a bi-weekly or monthly service depending on their needs and driving habits.


 I will start with a hand wash cleaning away dirt and grime before it has time to embed into your clear coat causing damage to your paint. Your wax or ceramic coating will be topped-off for long-term protection. Windows will be cleaned and weather treatment applied.  

Then your interior will be evaluated for dust, dirt, and overall cleanliness and we will tackle the problem areas.

Save money while having the piece of mind that your vehicle is clean and protected, giving you that great driving experience each time you drive your vehicle

This service is great for our fleet customers looking for a professional look.

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