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Keep your car clean to reduce risk from coronavirus

These are really different and life changing times we are dealing with, and we are now thinking of things that we never had to think of before, Like decontaminating our cars.

The novel coronavirus, and its associated COVID-19 disease, is made worse because it is highly contagious. Since vehicle interiors are essentially small contained spaces, it is important to take steps to reduce the risk of contracting the virus while driving or riding inside.

Proper cleaning and disinfecting the inside of your car is very important also in order to stem the spread of coronavirus, washing your hands thoroughly is one of the most effective ways to prevent transmission of the virus, which is spread from small droplets from the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs, sneezes, exhales or touching an contaminated outside the vehicle and then touching the inside of you vehicle. proper cleaning and disinfecting are also advised. That's because the virus can exist on a variety of surfaces, sometimes even days after contagious droplets were planted there. We recommend these tips to increase your safety during the outbreak.

  • Clean your hands prior to entering your vehicle.

  • Use disposable cloves when cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle.

  • When cleaning pay attention to the most touched areas of your vehicle such as door handles, steering wheel, and controls, gear shifter, top of dashboard and controls.

The right disinfectants can kill the coronavirus so that it doesn't live on surfaces such as rubber, plastic, aluminum and leather. Most common household cleaners will work.

The American Chemistry Council has a helpful list of specific EPA-approved products for use against the coronavirus. We recommend keeping a tube of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in your vehicle for regular use.

Check and make sure that the cleaners you're using are safe for all surfaces in your car. Some disinfectants can dry out and fade leather. A safer option would be to use an All Purpose Cleaned diluted 10:1 and then apply a leather conditioner to protect those surfaces. This option will not kill germs as well as harsher disinfectants, but it will greatly reduce them and help prevent spread.

Recirculating air swirls up against the windshield and sticks to the dash, where it can be distributed throughout the cabin, cleaning that spots and your A/C system will reduces risk. We recommend you look at a video from our friend Scotty Kilmer on how to clean your A/C system.

We here at L9 Mobile Detailing and Pressure Washing, wish you all good health and safety. If you would like to have your vehicle cleaned and disinfected contact us.

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