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6 Reasons to Detail Your Vehicle

1. Detailing Protects Your Investment and Value:

For most of us buying a used or new car is our second highest investment next to a home.

Having your car detailed is a great way to protect your investment looking as good or better than the day you bought it. Getting your car detail regular on a schedule depending on how much you drive, if it's garaged or parked outside will depend how often.

A skilled detailer will use proven techniques and quality products which get better and better every day. These products will ensure that your vehicle will stand up to the harshest environments and the test of time. Protection, Protection is the name of the game to prevent the breaking down on the clear coat on your car, prevents plastics from fading, keeps the car looking its best and minimizes damage due to interior wear. Just like anything else you maintain it will last longer and have more value when it is taken care of. Preserving the car’s appearance and resale value.

Using a quality product like waxes, sealant and or coatings on the painted surfaces will help preserve the paint underneath. Not only does the waxes, sealants and coatings protect the underlying surfaces , it also makes washing the car a much safer process, protecting gloss and shine from marring and scratches. The exterior plastics will not fade as quickly when protected and the rubber seals will remain soft and hydrated to they will not dry out as quickly. Interiors greatly benefit from regular detailing. The plastics need to be protected from the sun as well.

A professional detailer will use products with some sort of UV protection. This can prevent cracking and fading of the dash, door panels, center console and rear deck lid area. If you have leather be sure a good conditioner or coating is applied regularly to prevent drying out and cracking. Cloth seats and carpet should be regularly vacuumed to prevent the cloth from becoming matted and keeping dirt and grime from hardening. This will also prevent buildup of odors or dust in the car.

2. Your Health:

Most people don't know that there are a whole eco-system of bacteria, germs, mold, fungus and viruses living in your vehicle that are bad for you. Some are the reason are reasons are foods, pets and people who are all carrying germs in some way. Every person that gets in the car has different germs and bacteria.

Every time someone or something touches anything in your vehicle, they transfer something to your car and if not detailed it can build up over time. It has been tested that your car could be the most contaminated area that you and your family can spend time in. areas that have the most airflow collect the most bacteria when not cleaned. Your A/C system is one of the most dirty places in your car. The build up of moisture, mold and germs if not cleaned can grow throughout the system and when in use blows these contaminates into any liquid in your cupholder or into your face, mouth and eyes. A dirty dash is more likely to catch any airborne bacteria in the car. Carpets trap anything that you may have stepped in outside of the vehicle and is directly transferred from your shoes to the carpet. Door handles, seats, dash and the center console areas are constantly touched and transfer anything from your hands to the surface. Steering wheels are probably the area you will visually notice the most build up. Lotions, food, grease or anything you have handled will end up on the steering wheel. All of these things can be prevented by regular interior details.


The smell of a little green tree in my vehicle is not always pleasant. On a hot day open the door and you my feel over come by the strength of the smell. Interior odors can be caused from a host of things. Eating in the car seem to be the main cause of odors. Most of these causes are unavoidable. Over road trips, driving to work, and keeping the kids happy are things that happen in everyday life. Even being as careful as possible remnants will remain and over time can make the car smell.

Getting these things out of the car as quickly as possible is the best way to prevent odors from becoming hard to remove. Vacuuming, Shampooing and wipe down will aid in the prevention of odor buildup. Fabric coatings can aid in preserving the interior as well. They prevent spills from soaking in and easy to clean up and prevent staining. Smoke odor is extremely hard to prevent from soaking into the interior surfaces. Most people who smoke don’t notice it as they are accustomed to it over time. If you do smoke in your car it’s more important than ever to regularly clean the interior. It's more than likely irreversible damage to certain surfaces and an odor that is virtually impossible to remove. This could become more costly to remove. If you have a dog then using seat cover or dog covers will helps in preventing oils and odors from their fur from transferring to the seats. Also make detailing less expensive when having to remove fur from the vehicle.


Pollen, dust and pet dander can build up in a car quickly. Someone who suffers from allergies can greatly benefit from interior detailing services. The routine cleaning of the interior can prevent allergens from building up. If left for too long build up can become heavy in the vents so every time you use the air conditioning or heat allergens can blow out. Changing the cabin air filter at its regularly scheduled times greatly helps with outside pollen and dust from entering the vehicle. There is no way to prevent most allergens from entering the vehicle but keeping up with the cleanliness can prevent a major issue.


Stepping into a nice clean car effects your mental. A clean car is like an organized work space. You are more clear minded when there is no clutter to stress you out or worry about. It even seems more fun to drive. This means you can make your time in the car more productive. Whether it’s listening to a podcast, audiobook, or just collecting your thoughts for a meeting at work a clean car will aid you in not being distracted by clutter, dirty windshield, or a smell in the car. A clean car with freshly detailed interior and exterior can keep you on task and clear minded.


When it comes to selling your car the first thing that catches the eye is how clean it is, from the engine to the truck. there is no doubt that a properly cared for vehicle fetches more money during a sale, than one that just had the bare minimum to keep it going. It gives buyer a boost of confidence in the purchase. This also will deter tire kickers from low balling the price. This also helps with a trade in.

A dealer ship will also low ball the trade in price. Keeping your vehicle in good condition can get you top price. I detail dealership cars all the time and my fee is deducted from the price of you trade in. So as you can see, taking care of you vehicle in the long run will pay off in the end.


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