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Exterior Wash and Wax

What is an exterior wash and wax?

Our basic wash and wax service will bring back

  shine, luster, and protection to your vehicle depending on the condition of the paint. 

This service is most effective for maintaining the gloss and shine of a vehicle and maintaining protection from the elements. Customers with a busy schedule love this service due to the fact we can perform this service from their homes or office. 

We first start with a high-pressure rinse that will remove larger contaminants and dirt from the paint for a safer hand contact wash that will reduce marring and micro-scratching.

The vehicle will be treated with a high Ph cleaner that will remove road grime, oils, and dirt.

The vehicle will then be foamed and then hand washed and clayed bar to remove embedded fall out, using one of the safest methods of cleaning. 

We will then air and towel dry the vehicle using a highly-rated microfiber towel to reduce scratching.

We will apply then apply one of the industry's best spray waxes adding gloss and protection that will last 4-6 weeks depending on driving conditions and if your vehicle is kept in a covered space. 

All windows will be cleaned inside and out. This service is best for any vehicle needing protection and a boost in shine.

We offer a host of services that can bring back years in the look of your vehicle. Just ask and we will assess the condition of your vehicle and give you our best recommendations. 

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