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Complete Interior Detail

What is a complete interior detail?

This service is for our customers that want to bring back that new like look of their vehicle. This service can also add hundreds of dollars to a trade-in or resale. We can perform this service from home or office.  (Excessive dirt and grime may increase the price. Please provide photos for a set price prior to service).

We will start with a high-pressure air blow-out of all cracks and crevices of the vehicle.


A steam cleaning of all plastic and vinyl to deep clean and bring back that new look as well as disinfect all cleaned areas.

Cloth and leather seats will be cleaned using steam and extraction to pull dirt from the surfaces giving the best clean possible.

Carpets will be vacuumed and cleaned using methods from steam/hot water extraction. Remember not all stains can be removed due to type and how long staining has existed. We will try our be to get the best outcome.  

Plastic and carpeted floor mats cleaned steam/hot water extraction.

The trunk and cargo area will be vacuumed and cleaned.

The interior will then be dressed and UV-protected in order to bring back that new look to the interior.

Windows will be cleaned inside/out

We work to bring out the best look in your vehicle protecting and maintaining it for years to come.

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