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Detail black car with L9 Detailing text in photo

Let's get started! Knowing what you're buying is the first step to putting together the pieces of the puzzle. There are many detailers out there that offer the same services at different prices, and by nature, we are not looking to separate our self from our money. Is this the right decision?

I know we all have heard of this “Price vs. Value". Well, let's start off with pricing. Detailing is just like any other service related market. As for myself, I take time to study what are other detailers in my area are charging for the same services. If I find them to be higher, I want to know if there is a difference in their services than what I'm providing. Even if they are lower why?

All detailing services are not created equal and some of them; I would not even call detailers. You have the wash and go company that will offer a lower price than a detailer, and they deal on volume in order make a profit. Not saying that this concept is bad or they are out to get your money, it's just what they offer. You can best be assured that your car is not getting the best products or the protection.

One thing I will say it's still better than going through a wash tunnel at your local car wash. If you're a person booked for time and looking for a just clean, then that's the guy for you.

If you’re interested in getting the best knowledge, products and protection and information, then looking for value in your detailing needs.

This service is for the person that wants the best benefit for their investment. As a professional detailer, I take time to know the industry. It's a constant education to keep track of the latest and the best product line to use and taking the time to test and see what are the best applications for these products, in order to give my customer the outcome they are looking for.

Professional detailers are educated in the correct usage of professional products and equipment to provide the most optimum process for details. A good professional detailer is willing to provide his/her customers the best-informed advice when it comes to detailing.

What I mean when I say informed advice. Well with anything there are limitations on what can be performed by a professional detailer.

It’s like when you go to your local doctor for a problem. He will take a look at the problem and assess if you can benefit and heal your condition, or send you to a specialist. The reason for this is because it’s outside his/her scope of care. A professional detailer knows the limitation of his field.

This what you should expect in a professional detailer when they know the limitations when it comes to problem-solving a detail and where are the limits on the scope of work performed.

Make no mistake; value is not based just on a higher price. A professional is able to make recommendations on what areas to take care of vs. what can wait to fit your budget.

So in closing, take the time to research and ask questions when you are looking for a detailer. You’re the one paying for this service and it’s always good to know who and what you are dealing with.

Here at L9 Detailing I want my customers to know what they are getting in my services. I will never guide my customer in a direction just to make a profit. My profit comes from my skills and knowledge about detailing. Giving my customers an informed diagnosis's and set true expectations in any detail I perform.

We are professional detailers and we care about our customers in order to provide knowledge, outstanding customer service and developing lasting relationships.

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