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The soft wash system has revolutionized the exterior cleaning industry. Unlike in the past the most conventional method which relies on pressurized water (between 3200-4000) psi. Soft washing lets the chemicals do the work at low pressure (between 70-100) psi. Using high pressure always increases the risk of chipping bricks, cracking vinyl, striping wood, and striping paint just to name a few. Our professional-rated detergents allow us to clean your delicate brick, vinyl, wood, or painted surfaces with low pressure and lowering the risk of damaging your property. For more info or a quote feel free to give us a call.


Benefits of soft wash method 

  • Environmentally-friendly solutions 

  • Low-pressure cleaning 

  • Most jobs can be done 100% from the ground 

  • Kills the organic growth and prevents it from growing back soon after treatment 

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