Roof Soft Wash Cleaning

Roof Soft Wash Cleaning is not a very new service but is relatively unknown to customers wanting home pressure washing services, primarily a phenomenon in the Southern United States. Well, we will get you to know and understand this process. This was due to the climate and high humidity of the area that promotes the growth of organic material.

Gloeocapsa Magma is the cause of black streaks on roofs and surfaces. Other forms of microorganisms can be found in union with the bacterium, including mold, fungi, algae, mildew, lichen, and moss. Many roofing surfaces are made with materials that are metabolized by these microorganisms, shingles that now contain limestone are what algae, mildew, and bacteria will feed on and absorb their nutrients.

There have been many different processes used in the cleaning of rooftops. The use of high-pressure applications is still used today by unprofessional and uneducated companies to remove ugly black streaks and mold on the surface. This process is very damaging to the roof and would speed up the aging process and damage the roof.

We at L9 Detailing Detailing and Paint Correction are educated in the right processes of roof cleaning. This system is called Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. This process does not use high-pressure which is damaging to the roof surface, but the use of low pressure and a chemical that will clean, and kill the bio-organisms on the roof surface that will discolor and cause that green growth on the roof without damaging the surface.


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