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Pressure washing

Driveway cleaning.jpg

Most people think that pressure washing is using hight pressure to blast away dirt. Well there is alot more to pressure washing. Just imagine blasting old or new concrete with 4000 psi of pressure, your asking for trouble when this is done. 

This can cause etching of the concrete damaging it to where it has to be resurfaced. That why at L9 Exterior House Wash and Pressure Wash we have taken the time to learn the do and don't of pressure washing.  Using high pressure always increases the risk of chipping bricks, cracking vinyl, striping wood, and striping paint just to name a few.

Our professional-rated detergents allow us to clean your delicate brick, concrete, vinyl, wood, or painted surfaces with the right amount of pressure and lowering the risk of damaging your property. For more info or a quote feel free to give us a call.

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