Professional Services


Pressure Washing your driveways and walkways is a very affordable service that will add that finishing touch to your home.

Let us help you maintain and protect your concrete drive and walkways for many years to come.


Soft washing is a less intrusive house washing treatment that has been proven to kill bacteria growth while preventing damage to your North Carolina home’s siding. A combination of cleaning solutions, specific to the type of surface being treated, is applied to your home and given ample time to destroy any algae or fungus build-up. Then, our soft washing experts will rinse off your siding with clean, low-pressure water to ensure that any lingering cleansing products are removed. L9 detailing and Professional Services is a family-owned company and we will take extra care to respect your home as if it were our own. The end results will amaze you and leave your home looking new!


With any business, your look is the first impression. Keeping your fleet looking good equals good business and customer trust. Let us keep your fleet looking just that way. We use the right cleaning methods that are customized for your needs.

We have felt the changes over the past few months with the COVID-19 virus. We have developed with the guidance with the CDC best practices to sanitize your fleet to keep all safer.