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Roof Stain Removal

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Our Roof Soft Wash Cleaning System

Roof Soft Wash $0.25 Per Sq Foot

Roof Cleaning is relitivly a new service and not known by many. This service started out using hight pressure to remove algea, moss and bacteria growing on the roof service. The soft wash system has revolutionized the exterior cleaning industry. Unlike in the past the most conventional method which relies on pressurized water (between 3200-4000) psi. Soft washing lets the chemicals do the work at low pressure (between 70-100) psi. Using high pressure always increases the risk of pulling granules from the roof shorting the live span. Also this often damaged shingles. Our professional-rated detergents allow us to clean your roof surfaces with low pressure and lowering the risk of damage. For more info or a quote feel free to give us a call. We follow cleaning recomendations from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association 


Benefits of soft wash method 

  • Environmentally-friendly solutions 

  • Low-pressure cleaning 

  • Most jobs can be done 100% from the ground 

  • Kills the organic growth and prevents it from growing back soon after treatment 

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